Incentivized Public RPC - January Update

Incentivized Public RPC
Feb 4, 2024


Lava is the first modular data network that scales RPC & APIs for rollups. Add any chain's RPC module to Lava - the network of node operators will optimize, scale and decentralize the traffic.

While contributing to a more performant and chain-agnostic infrastructure layer for web3, Incentivized Public RPC also gives anyone an opportunity to monetize their nodes.

This is a summary of January activity for Incentivized Public RPC. You can read previous summaries below:

December summary
November summary
October summary

Shoutouts ๐Ÿ™Œ

Top performing providers:


๐Ÿฅ‡Stake Village

Data Nexus
Stake Village

These providers excelled by servicing many requests for users, while maintaining low latency, high uptime and sync ๐Ÿ’ช

Community Contributions

Evmos: Stake Village and BabyScope

โ€Axelar: BabyScope

These providers have contributed to our benchmarking efforts, running tests and providing useful data that is helping the team map out the resources required to perform different queries. This will allow us to have more accurate pricing for queries for work done providers.

January in numbers ๐Ÿงฎ

Evmos (January)

All the data about Evmos ipRPC is available on our public dashboard

Total relays: 158M relays
Total CUs: 3.2B compute units
Number of providers: 65
Highest payment: 8996 EVMOS
Average payment: 656 EVMOS




Axelar (November to January)

Lava Foundation will distribute a batch payment, rewarding providers according to their performance across the months of November to January.
In recognition of the efforts made by node providers, the Foundation has dedicated a portion of the pool to distribute a 100 AXL participation reward.
This means all active providers during this period will receive 100 AXL plus additional performance-based rewards.

We apologize for the recent delay in payments, which was due to internal misalignment and compliance demands. We value our communityโ€™s hard work and dedication, and strive to maintain transparency and fairness in all our initiatives.

In the following payments Lava Foundation is committed to ensuring timely and fair compensation on a monthly basis. In the future we aim for processes to be on-chain, fully permissionless and automatic, to make it as easy as possible for node runners to earn from RPC.

The stats:

All the data about Axelar ipRPC is available on our public dashboard

Total relays: 2.7M relays
Total CUs: 27M compute units
Number of providers: 106
Highest payment: 1591 $AXL
Average payment: 846 $AXL
Total distributed: 15600 $AXL



Get paid through other Incentivized Public RPC

Lava works with blockchains and rollups to make their public RPC unified, faster, more resilient.

Learn more about Incentivized Public RPC in our introduction article.

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