Starknet Public RPC

All endpoints rolled into one
Use Lava to get responses from a network of top quality node runners

The only endpoint you’ll ever need


We aggregate public RPC endpoints into one, load-balancing traffic across many providers.


As your RPC needs grow, more providers join to seamlessly scale your traffic.

Free Public Good

Lava Public RPC will always be free for developers who want unstoppable RPC.

Why we're partnering with Starknet

Ethereum Aligned

Starknet was one of the first pioneers in Ethereum open-source development, embodying the values of web3


Starknet addresses the scalability challenges of Ethereum to onboard the next billion users

High Performance

Using zk-STARKs, Starknet increases the network's throughput, lowers gas fees and maintains privacy.

Get Endpoint

Get involved as a node runner

How it Works

Add your Starknet RPC node to Lava network
Serve RPC to more developers across web3
Start getting paid based on your relays and QoS
Lava RPC is a game-changer. Developers are equipped with reliable public access to the blockchain, and node runners are paid according to the quality of their service, ensuring fast and accurate RPC relays. Imperator is proud & excited to power Lava RPC!

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