The p2p protocol built for blazing fast RPC

Powerful SDK and gateway routing RPC requests to a distributed network of node runners. 25+ chains supported.

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Lava SDK: lightning quick, multi-chain blockchain access

Lava SDK is a TypeScript/JavaScript implementation of the Lava Protocol, enabling direct communications between developers and RPC providers.

Try it now for free across 25+ networks.

const ethereum = await new LavaSDK({
  access: consumerKey,
  chain: EthereumMainnetRPC

const blockNumber = await ethereum.sendRelay({
  method: "eth_blockNumber",
  params: [],
const osmosis = await new LavaSDK({
  access: consumerKey,
  chain: OsmosisMainnetRPC

const block = await osmosis.sendRelay({
  method: "block",
  params: ["7179275"],
const cosmosHub = await new LavaSDK({
  access: consumerKey,
  chain: CosmosHubMainnetRPC

const block = await cosmosHub.sendRelay({
  method: "block",
  params: ["7179275"],
const arbitrum = await new LavaSDK({
  access: consumerKey,
  chain: ArbitrumMainnetRPC

const blockNumber = await arbitrum.sendRelay({
  method: "eth_blockNumber",
  params: [],
const juno = await new LavaSDK({
  access: consumerKey,
  chain: JunoMainnetRPC

const block = await juno.sendRelay({
  method: "block",
  params: ["6971200"],

200+ globally distributed node runners

The network covers all geographic zones

Lava always routes your request to the best node

Based on geo, uptime and performance rating

Resilient network uptime

A highly redundant network of providers ensures high availability, so your app can keep delighting your community.

Cross-referenced data accuracy

Responses are cross-referenced between providers and frauds are resolved on chain, creating cryptographic consensus around the data integrity.

Lightning response times

Relay requests are peer-to-peer between apps and providers, who are also rewarded for offering fast responses.

Unlimited scalability

Scale your requests as your app grows; Lava's market dynamics mean you can go from zero to one, without worrying about throttled relays.

Uber for nodes:
All-in-one solution for RPC

How it works


Peer-to-peer access to any blockchain

Lava SDK gives developers direct access to a globally distributed network of node runners, without going through a middleman.

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Peer-to-peer Relays

Auto-route relays based on geolocation and availability

Apps are regularly matched with the best provider available, so users get fast, high-uptime and accurate responses.

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Quality of Service

Node runners rewarded for high speed, uptime and accuracy

Each node runner is rewarded according to their quality of service, which means the network can ensure a high SLA for dapps.

Get RPC for your app

More providers, maximum coverage

Large and small providers can offer RPC through Lava

Lava is building the market where magic internet money can be used to pay for internet native infrastructure. We are super stoked to contribute to their testnet where there is a genuine use case for blockchains. Really impressed with the team and their innovative solutions to a fundamental problem in web3.

Stakecito, Ghazni

Yair, Gil and the rest of the team did not take shortcuts designing Lava. They found great people, and built on top of the right software, protocol and incentive foundation to scale. It shows in how quickly they have been able to add RPCs and grow the Lava community. We're excited to be helping them decentralized web3.

wakkadojo, Tribe Capital

We are proud at StakeLab to contribute and help Lava during their testnet, joining other amazing node runners. Lava were very impressive in terms of delivery, professionalism and response. We couldn't be more happy to work with an experienced team that listens to us and the community to deliver the best product and tech. Let's build!

Zdeadex, StakeLab

Lava has some of the most interesting, innovative solutions to a very fundamental problem in web3. Today, access to blockchains is nowhere close to original vision of a decentralized web. As experienced node operators we are excited about contributing to increased decentralization and redundancy.

Chris, Chainlayer

InfStones is incredibly excited to partner with Lava Protocol and fully endorses their vision of creating a trustless, universally accessible, and perpetually available blockchain data system. Their Decentralized RPC services are a game-changer.

Promit, Infstones

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