Join the Spec Champions
Specs are modules that extend Lava beyond RPC, enabling providers to serve any API to developers. Anyone can contribute a spec
Contribute to a limitless universe of APIs
Add new services to Lava and be paid whenever they are consumed
RPC - the first service on Lava
RPC is the fundamental communication protocol enabling blockchain read/write. It is the first service offered through Lava.
Get RPC through Lava
Add APIs to existing specs
Add specialized RPC methods which allow developers to inspect and debug transactions.
Build it!
Make a spec for every chain
Add RPC and API specs for any chain e.g. Ethereum RPC, Celo RPC, StarkNet RPC, Polygon RPC, Solana RPC etc.
Build it!
Subgraphs (Squids) and indexers
Subgraphs are an open-source toolfor building custom GraphQL APIswith blockchain data.
We’re collaborating with Subsquid
Add modifications to existing APIs
Add modifications to existing apis including safe transactions, compliant queries, archive etc.
Build it!
Sequencers, oracles and more...
Build specs for decentralized oracles, sequencers, verifiers, off-chain APIs, ENS, transactions simulations and more.
Build it!

Frequently asked questions

What is Lava?

Lava is the modular data access network for scaling access to any blockchain.

Anyone can add in-demand chains and APIs as modules to Lava, with each module being served by a network of node operators competing to offer the best service. RPC is the first service supported by the protocol and already helps developers unlock innovation across 30+ chains.

By leveraging modular architecture and a peer-to-peer network of node operators, Lava powers the universal and performant infrastructure layer for developers to build whatever, wherever.

Modules on Lava are called "specs". How do specs work?

A specification (“spec”) is like an API lego which you can add to Lava and extend the range of services the network can serve. RPC is the first service on Lava and we have 30+ chains. Each spec is defined as a JSON file as you can see all the specs here.

If you love open-source projects and you’d like to contribute, you can write and add specs to Lava. 

If you’re a node runner and you’d like to serve API requests, you will run a spec as a Data Provider on Lava. 

If you’re a developer and you’d like to send API requests, whatever specs Lava supports is the same as whatever chains or APIs Lava supports.

All specs are shown in our Github.

What is a Spec Champion?

A Champion is someone who builds and maintains specs on Lava.

You would work closely with our R&D team and actively monitor changelogs of the blockchain the spec is defined for, to ensure that your spec remains up to date. Spec Champions are compensated for their work.

We are looking for our first Champions to extend Lava beyond RPC. You can learn more and apply here.

How do I become a Spec Champion?

You can learn more and apply to become a Champion here.