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  • Build and manage RPC and API endpoints across 20+ networks
  • 25 requests/second
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  • Dapps interested in being design partners and giving feedback on our RPC
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  • Chains wanting decentralized public RPC

Our users and partners say

Lava has worked extensively with our infrastructure team to give users a seamless experience to access on chain services in a timely fashion. The teams are willing to work with you to suit your needs and hence we would recommend users to work with the Lava teams for services in Blockchain infrastructure.

Shade Protocol

Yair, Gil and the rest of the team did not take shortcuts designing Lava. They found great people, and built on top of the right software, protocol and incentive foundation to scale. It shows in how quickly they have been able to add RPCs and grow the Lava community. We're excited to be helping them decentralized web3.

wakkadojo, Tribe Capital

At Zyberswap we have been extremely satisfied with the migration of our RPC infra to Lava. In general, our users have reported a significantly smoother experience. In addition, we feel much more comfortable using an open-source protocol that we can verify ourselves, rather than relying on a closed garden RPC provider. The Lava team is super responsive and we've had a great experience collaborating with them.


Lava has some of the most interesting, innovative solutions to a very fundamental problem in web3. Today, access to blockchains is nowhere close to original vision of a decentralized web. As experienced node operators we are excited about contributing to increased decentralization and redundancy.

Chris, Chainlayer


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What is a decentralized RPC provider?
What makes Lava different to other providers?
Is a decentralized RPC provider slower, less efficient?
What blockchains do you support?
What tier is right for me? Can I become an early partner during Testnet?

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