Why Lava exists

Blockchain data should be trustless, universally accessible and always available. Our mission is to power the open standard for blockchain RPC and APIs.

Ledgers and databases form the foundation for all trusted forms of value exchange.

The defining use of blockchains is its use as the foundational ledger for any open, peer-tpeer market. Web3 started with the exchange of secure transactions, but it has since evolved to encompass many forms of value exchange: from creators and their 1000 true fans, to medical researchers and those who suffer from rare diseases, to liquidity providers and liquidity seekers.

At the heart of blockchains
is the atomic unit of a single node.

Each node represents an entry-point into the database and a portal to the data which can be used as the substrate for a new internet. Blockchains are built with the ideal that each participant should run her own node. Today, users and developers lack practical options for building true web3 applications. Running a node represents individualistic decentralization - any one can do it, but it is ultimately self-serving and limited in scalability. Centralized providers abstract away much of the impracticality of decentralization but require too much trust.

Lava Network is the universal layer for blockchain access.

Users access the state of any blockchain by fetching data from a scalable network of independent RPC node providers. Each node provider is held accountable on-chain for their service quality; developers in turn get fast responses, high uptime and data freshness.

Blockchains and cryptography offer novel primitives for exchanging value on the internet

A vision shaped by you.

Lava's accountable decentralization makes it easy for developers to build web3 apps which are permissionless, private and reliable, without compromising performance.





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